Getting a sit ski to Japan in 2020

This is an update to Getting a sit ski to Japan in 2019.

Disabled Wintersport Australia had gifted me my very own sit ski. I had to get it to Myoko, Japan where I would be skiing next. This is how it made it safely to Myoko, Japan.

Taking the sit ski apart 

My parents helped to lower the handle on the sit ski. This helped to make it smaller. We wrapped the outriggers in towels and strapped into the seat.

Packing it up 

My parents helped to wrap the sit ski. I bought a tarp, towel and we already had tape and scissors. We laid the tarp out flat, placed the sit ski on the tarp, covered it and taped it up (similar to wrapping a present).

Let the airport & airline know of additional needs

I called Canberra airport and emailed Qantas to let them know that I was travelling and would need help. I was given assistance from my taxi on arrival. I was also given assistance to check in the sit ski and take it to oversize. It weighed under 23kg and could be checked in as another bag.

Book a large taxi

I needed a vehicle that was big enough to fit myself, my wheelchair, backpacks, suitcase and sit ski. It all fit with room for more.


I needed help to get all my belongings into the taxi. I had asked friends but they were either away or injured. My backpacks and suitcase were located inside my apartment. My sit ski was stored in the storage cage in my garage. I paid a man $50 from Airtasker to arrive before my taxi and to help load all of my equipment into the taxi. He was efficient and did a brilliant job.

Allow time

My sit ski was actually left behind and didn’t make it on my flight. I was spending the night in Sydney. This allowed for it to arrive to the hotel later in the evening.

Take extra tape

My sit ski arrived in Sydney with some tape missing and some of the sit ski was possible. I had some spare tape with me and also borrowed some from the hotel. Remember to put the tape in your checked in luggage otherwise it will be confiscated.

Send on arrival in Japan 

We collected our bags (including the sit ski), went through customs and took the sit ski to Yamato Transport (Black Cat). This service delivered my sit ski in 2019 from the airport to Myoko; however, policies have changed and it wouldn’t be delivered due to its large size. We instead went to another counter (pictured) and it was agreed that my sit ski could be delivered to Myoko Snowsports in Myoko. I signed a form saying that I accept that it may not arrive in good condition. JAL-ABC is another company that will deliver sit skis in Japan.

The counter we found that would send the sit ski from Narita Airport to Myoko, Japan

Allow a few days for it to arrive at your resort

I had allowed a few days before I wanted to use the sit ski in Myoko. Instructor Charlie sent me a message in a few days to let me know that it had arrived safely. He unwrapped my sit ski, raised the handlebar and waxed the skis. It was now ready for me to arrive and use!

Sit ski safe at the Myoko Snowsports shops PHOTO: Charlie

I was able to enjoy sit skiing in Japan!

I didn’t do the return journey with my sit ski. I left my sit ski in the care of Myoko Snowsports in Japan.


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