Kate Swain

Kate Swain. Photo Credit: Marianthi Karadoukas

I am a young Australian media professional. I also take on life from the perspective of living with a disability.

I grew up on a farm not far from the Country Music Capital of Australia, Tamworth, with my parents and three brothers. A car accident at the age of five left me paralysed from the chest down and relying on the use of a wheelchair. I was a shy child and wanted my life to be no different to my able-bodied friends.

I struggled living my life with a disability but through the help of others and my determination have been able to challenge and overcome barriers. Attending rehab at the age of 21 enabled me to gain a greater independence, and the granting of my Starlight Wish changed my perspective on life by encouraging me to take risks and make the most of opportunities.

I have grown to become a sporty person enjoying wheelchair basketball and wheelchair tennis as an active member of Wheelchair Sports NSW, and sit skiing as an active member of Disabled Wintersport Australia (DWA). I enjoy international and domestic travel including making an annual trip to the snowfields. I am a social butterfly spending time with loved ones, and baking delicious treats to share.

I have created The Wheel Life to share my stories about my life including my passions and the problems I face with a disability. I have also written blog posts for Disabled Wintersport Australia and Snows Best on my sit skiing experiences and spoken on ABC radio (New England North West) on inclusion. Those with disability can relate to the honestly and find additional information helpful. Able-bodied people can get an insight into what it’s like to live with a disability. Together the dream is to create change for a fun and inclusive world.

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