Blogs – Kate Swain has written blog posts.

February 2018 – Whistler Explored Disabled Wintersport Australia

August 2017 – The Slot Disabled Wintersport Australia

February 2017 – Sit ski as submarine Disabled Wintersport Australia

January 2017 – 10 things sit skiing taught me about life Snows Best

September 2016 – Tutus and turns Disabled Wintersport Australia

February 2016 – Japan, pow pow, turns and more…Kate Swain in Myoko Disabled Wintersport Australia.

January 2015 – Skiing in Japan with Kate Swain Disabled Wintersport Australia

Radio star

November 2017 – I was invited on ABC morning radio (New England North West) with Kelly Fuller to discuss accessibility in the region.


January 2017 – I shared my story with The Northern Daily Leader

TV & Video

February 2016 – I was skiing in Japanese news!

February 2018 – I feature in a short video for Disabled Wintersport Australia filmed by David Franjic. I can be seen skiing at Falls Creek with my instructor Charlie Evans and heard in some of the voiceover.

“Independence is a goal of mine and I’d love to be able to get towards independence.

It’s amazing to be able to say this is what my goal is, smash that goal and at the end of the day being like look what I achieved.”