My very own sit ski

I would like to thank Disabled Wintersport Australia (DWA) for gifting me a mountain man sit ski. Equipment that enables me to participate in adaptive winter sports.

I have never owned my own sit ski. I have always hired through organisations including DWA and Whistler Adaptive Sports Program (WASP). Hiring enables me to try different skis without buying expensive new equipment and I don’t have to worry about transportation from my place to the snow resorts.

Now that I have my own I don’t have to worry about if a ski will be available for me to use and I can customise it to me. This will make it easier to use and to progress to independence.

I do have a lot to learn in regards in to maintenance, storage and transportation of a sit ski.

I look forward to ski trips in Australia & abroad.

PHOTO: Tom Hodges

Mountain Man is the manufacturer of a duel-ski. I like to describe it as a bucket seat on two skis with multiple straps to keep everything in place nice and snug.


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