My new wheelchair

I have a new wheelchair.

I decided in 2019 to get a new wheelchair. My current chair was over seven years old, has signs of wear and tear. It’s good to upgrade before it does break as it takes time.

I wanted something similar to my current wheelchair including:

  • Light weight fixed frame wheelchair
  • Simple colours of black, silver and grey
  • Solid tyres
  • Accessories such as drink bottle holder, basket underneath for use when shopping.

In August, I travelled to Sydney with my Dad where we met with an Occupational Therapist (OT). She has organised wheelchair suppliers to bring demo chairs and hear all about their specifications. Measurements are taken off my current wheelchair. The two stand outs for me were the titanium from the UK and the carbon fibre from Italy.

I waited to receive quotes. I know wheelchairs aren’t cheap but I didn’t expect it to be this expensive.

I decided to get the new model of what I have now an Italian Progeo. It’s worked well for me and I really like my current chair. I also like the sleek look of carbon fibre.

In January it was delivered to me in Canberra. It fit well and I was happy.

My new wheelchair is an Italian branded Progeo. It weighs roughly 5.5kg, is carbon fibre, and has solid tyres. It has a basket that I can attach when needed. I am still playing around with other accessories such as a different drink bottle holder.

Progeo carbon fibre manual wheelchair

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