5 things adaptive ski instructors need to know about me

I usually return to ski with the same ski instructor. They know me and I know them. We know how to work as a team.

Recently when skiing in Falls Creek I skied with a different ski instructor. I knew nothing about him and wasn’t sure what he knew about me. It didn’t take long before we built trust and worked as a team.

This is five things adaptive instructors need to know about me.

Nervous drink of water

I always need a drink of water before I start. I get nervous.

I might also need top ups throughout the day. I usually have a small bottle in my pocket. I will have water with lunch too.

I’m a beginner

I am a beginner. I’m not a first timer and I’m not intermediate or expert.

I’m willing to learn. Teach me what you know.

My disability

I’m a T2 paraplegic. I can feel and use my shoulders, head and arms. I don’t have great balance or the ability to engage my lower body. Keep an eye on my lips. They turn blue when I’m cold.

My routine

I am best in the morning.

I usually have a full day lesson booked. I like to bucket a few laps, tether a free and see how it goes. We break around midday for some lunch and a toilet break before heading back out. I like to continue what we did in the morning dependent on energy levels.

Don’t accept no as an answer – push the limits

I always say to not accept ‘no’ as an answer. Question every no. It can only be accepted for something like ‘no because I’m too cold’.

This also means to push the limits. I don’t know what I’m capable of doing.

Kate & D-man about to ski Drovers at Falls Creek PHOTO: skier

Let’s have fun!


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