New equipment fun at Falls!

Kate Swain recently tested out new adaptive equipment at Falls Creek purchased by DWA in 2019. This is her feedback on our shiny new toys.

First up for a road test was the Dynamique Bi Ski, it had that flash new car feeling! With the help from Falls Creek instructors Charlie and Duane as well as DWA Resort Services Coordinator, Pete Hull, they padded gaps with towels, placed a Tessier cover over the top and held it in place with many straps. Kate was snug, warm and dry. Sitting upright and ready to go!

Chairlift loads were more comfortable and I felt at ease. It worked well to recline before being lifted up and sliding onto the chairlift. The bar was pulled down and we enjoyed the ride up. We began bucketing to get a feel for the equipment and the snow quality. Outriggers and tethers were then added to keep practicing turning. I was focused on turning my head and shoulders and engaging the ski – 5kg weight in the front helped! We also practiced with a support skier close behind but not holding on. It was hard work but I was building confidence and trust with each turn and taking on new instructions. It was such a joy to have some independent turns.

It was fun skiing with new equipment and the support of Falls Creek instructors Charlie and Duane, and DWA’s very own Pete Hull.

Kate Swain is a DWA member

Skiing independently down Highway PHOTO: Charlie Evans

Originally published on the DWA website, 2 September 2019


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