Back Country Tour with Steve Lee

Ready to go PHOTO: Steve Lee crew member

I wanted to go on a Back Country Tour with Steve Lee. I asked Falls Creek Instructor Charlie if it was possible and he spoke to Steve. All details were confirmed at darts with Charlie and Steve on the same darts team (darts is a big deal at Falls Creek!).

We booked to go in the morning of Wednesday 28 August. The day after my birthday with good weather predicted.

The meeting place was at the top of Eagle Chairlift at around 9am. It was cold with some blue sky and we knew the weather would vary throughout the day. I was feeling nervous but looking forward to beautiful views and making some new tracks in soft snow.

We were joined by Steve, two other members of his team, two skiers and a snowboarder, briefed on the plans for the morning and loaded onto the vehicles. I remained in the sit ski as it was lifted by two guys and strapped on. It was bumpy in motion and I moved slightly forward but I held onto the chair beside me, Charlie had hold from behind, and a crew member watched out for our signals & screams. I felt safe. We’d stop, I was unloaded, we were given directions, the vehicles set off to meet us and skied down making fresh tracks. We did this multiple times in different places making fresh turns and skiing between trees.

Steve Lee crew PHOTO: Charlie

I enjoyed skiing back country. The views were beautiful with snow covered trees and views back into the resort. It was amusing to be the only girl with guys making yellow snow at various stops throughout the morning. Thank you to everyone who made it possible and enjoyable. I’d love to do it again!

Beautiful lake views PHOTO: Charlie Evans

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