A bluebird day in Myoko

I made my fifth trip to Myoko, Japan in 2020. DWA had gifted me a sit ski. it arrived safe and ready to be used.

I was a bit apprehensive having not skied with Nemo before but it was enlightening to know that he’d been taught by Charlie and each instructor teaches something new. Chairlift rides are a great way to get to know each other too.

I had heard it was a slow start to the season but I was looking forward to returning and making the most of it. There wasn’t much snow at the start of the week. It was very bumpy, but we had a dumping midweek. That meant soft powdery snow. It was too deep to ski with outriggers so instead we enjoyed going in and out of the powder. We ended up getting stuck six times with a slight panic in Nemo’s voice knowing it was going to be hard work to get back out again!

Nemo asked, “should we go in there?” as he saw a huge pile of powder. 

I replied, “Yes, of course!”

As we went in, Nemo lost a ski. I was also stuck in deep powder. He hiked back up and dug out his ski before coming and digging me out too. It was worth it and so much fun! 

I like a bluebird days best. To be able to see where I am going and to enjoy the view too. We only had one and it was on the last day.

Ikenatara was our resort of choice. I’d skied there in previous seasons but it was the first time for my instructor Nemo. We had a map and were ready to explore the resort with some bucketing and tethering.

First chairlift ride and we forgot to take the pin out – we didn’t quite make it onto the chair. We had another take, Nemo took the pin out, and we’re on and going up. The liftie asked if we required any additional help and we said for us to have fun.

Our outriggers were ready and we made the most of the beautiful weather. I listened to Nemo’s instructions – a few keywords and a countdown helped; we work well as a team. I was so happy and had a huge smile on my face, I didn’t want to stop. A quick break for lunch and we kept going right up until our pickup arrived at 4pm.

Kate Swain is a Disabled Wintersport Australia (DWA) member. She was gifted a sit ski from DWA.

Originally published on the DWA website, 24 February 2020

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