A sit skiers guide to Myoko

A new sit skier, who I’d met last season in Falls Creek through my instructor, was in contact with me with questions about sit skiing in Myoko. I was more than happy to give my advice and share my experiences.

Expect the unexpected, plan and prepare. I like to be organised and plan. I called the airport and airlines to let them know what equipment I was bringing. I had booked and paid for accommodation, transport and lessons.

Getting a sit ski to Japan

Myoko Station isn’t wheelchair accessible. Don’t ask for a slope but get on the train yourself as they may not let you board. Organise to have a team to help you get yourself and your bags up and down the many stairs. Our hotel staff meet us and are able to assist. I recommend calling your hotel for advice and assistance.

Lots of snow. Snow is everywhere. It’s fun to experience the powder and be head deep. There has been too much snow to tether or ski independently on some days. Roads and paths aren’t always cleared. This can make it tricky to get around when not in a sit ski. I use snow blades to push around on snow. I’m also driven by our hotel staff and Myoko Snowsports staff. I recommend planning travel and asking for assistance in getting around.

Pushing a wheelchair on snow

There are many resorts to explore. Each offers something different and has its own challenges. Some chairlifts are easier to load and unload. I love long and wide runs. It’s great to be able to explore different resorts and pick the best one based on conditions.

I skied at six resorts in Japan in 2019

Sit skiers aren’t common. I took a sit ski to Japan. I saw another sit skier for the first time in early 2019 at Tangram. The challenge is that not all lifties have seen seen sit skies and haven’t tried to prevent me from riding. We’ve overcome this by explaining in Japanese how the sit ski works and that it’s safe to ride.

Wheelchair access

10 reasons why I love sit skiing in Myoko

Have fun in Myoko!


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