Getting a sit ski to Japan in 2019

I have skied in Japan before but never had to take a sit ski with me.

Disabled Wintersport Australia (DWA) changed some policies meaning a sit ski from DWA wasn’t on loan to Myoko Snowsports and I had take a sit ski with me. This is how I made it happen.

What is needed?

  • Sit ski, tethers, outriggers (I borrowed from DWA NSW)
  • Tarp (I bought a medium blue tarp for about $10 from Big W)
  • Strong tape (I borrowed tape from my neighbours)
  • Towels and/or bubble wrap (I used some towels that I already owned)

What to do?

Plan early

Plan as early as you can. It takes time especially when corresponding with others.

Reach out to brains trust & ask for help

I spoke to many people – ski instructors, DWA staff and volunteers, family and friends. I also spoke with airlines and airports and insurance companies. I gained a lot of ideas to consider.

I contacted Canberra airport to ask if someone was could meet me at the taxi stand to help disembark and check in my luggage. I received a reply the next day. I was given a number to call prior to my arrival and someone would be able to assist. No worries at all.

I contacted the airlines so they were aware of what additional equipment I was taking other than the usual suitcase.

Package it up

I asked my neighbours to help wrap the sit ski. I bought a tarp and we already had tape and scissors. We laid the tarp out flat, placed the sit ski on the tarp, covered it and secured with a tape (similar to wrapping a present).

Wrapped sit ski in my garage

Book large taxi

I needed a vehicle that was big enough to fit myself, my wheelchair, backpack, suitcase and sit ski. It all fit with room for more. I also had help from the taxi driver to load and unload everything from my place in and out of the taxi.

Send on arrival

We collected our bags (including the sit ski), went through customs And took the sit ski to Yamato Transport (Black Cat). We sent the sit ski to Myoko Snowsports for around AU$100. It arrived the following day. This saved us taking it through Tokyo and on the trains.

Wrapped sit ski at Myoko-Shi Snowsports PHOTO: Charlie

I was able to enjoy sit skiing in Japan!


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