Pushing a Wheelchair on Snow

I love the snow but pushing on snow is difficult in my manual wheelchair with my front wheels sinking. I feel like I will face plant and injure myself. I prefer to push as little as possible on snow but sometimes it can’t be avoided.

I did some research, with help from Dad, and we found Wheel Blades. Wheel Blades are best described as small skis that can be easily adjusted to fit different sized wheels and clip onto the front caster wheels of a wheelchair. A wheelchair can then be pushed as per usual.

Weight: 3kg

Size (approx.): box 28cm x 25cm x 7cm, wheel blades 26cm x 10cm x 6cm

Box contents: 2 Wheel Blades, 1 wrench, operating manual

Putting Wheel Blades to the test

I was keen to try Wheel Blades. I have tested Wheel Blades in Falls Creek and more recently in Myoko.

Attaching Wheel Blades 

A family member of friend lifts the front wheels slight and put the Wheel Blades underneath. The Wheel Blades are locked securely.

Pushing a wheelchair with Wheel Blades attached 

I can continue to push my wheelchair as per usual. I don’t notice the weight and my wheelchair glides through snow.

I found it easier to wear gloves because my push rims became very slippery making it difficult to push and to break. It was an added safety measure to have a family member close by to help slow me down and stop me.

My verdict

I would highly recommend Wheel Blades if you plan on spending a lot of time wheeling across snow.  Wheel Blades have helped my front wheels glide across and through snow without sinking and have prevented me from face planting. It’s less work to push my wheelchair and I feel safe. This has allowed me to explore without having to be driven in a vehicle. Wheel Blades can even be left on when inside too and are easy to push on other surfaces including carpet and floorboards.

The downside to Wheel Blades is the weight. This can make it difficult to travel with especially when flying.

Testing out the Wheel Blades in Myoko PHOTO: Michael Swain

Checkout wheelblades.com for more information and to find a retailer near you.


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