National Disabled Winter Sport Day

Today, Thursday 20 September, is National Disabled Winter Sport Day. A celebration of diversity and overcoming advertising.

Wear white and fundraise for Disabled Wintersport Australia (DWA) to help people experience the magic of winter sports.

Able bodied people and those with disability can get involved with Disabled Wintersport Australia in celebrating National Disabled Wintersports Day.

Why get involved?

If you have a disability then DWA gives you the opportunity to join and experience adaptive winter sports in Australia.

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If you are able bodied then you get to teach adaptive winter sports to others and help others experience adaptive winter sports.

Together, we can all volunteer, fundraise and spread the word of what it’s like to be involved in disabled winter sports in Australia.


How can I get involved with disabled winter sports in Australia?

Join Disabled Wintersports Australia

I am a DWA member and volunteer. If you are like me, have a disability and require assistance then become an individual member. If you have a disability but don’t require assistance or if you don’t have a disability then you can become an associate member.

5 reasons to become a Disabled Wintersport Australia member

Volunteer with Disabled Wintersports Australia 

There are a variety of volunteer roles.

On snow you can become an Adaptive Snowsports Guide. Guides are intermediate to advanced skiers with a passion for helping others experience winter sports. All guides undergo training and then assist others on snow.

There are also ways to volunteer off snow including fundraising, helping out at events and contributing content.

Become an adaptive snow sports instructor 

Australian Professional Snowsport Instructors (APSI) train and certify all Australian adaptive instructors. There are great instructors at all Australian snow resorts including Thredbo, Perisher, Falls Creek and Hotham.

Have fun & enjoy disabled winter sports in Australia!

DWA Guides helping getting me ready for my first lesson at Perisher PHOTO: Heather Swain

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