A typical day on the slopes

This is a typical day for me at the snow in Australia.

6:45 – Alarm goes off. I get dressed. I lay my clothes out the day before so I know what to wear and where everything is located. It takes a while as I wear many layers.

7:15 – I head into the bathroom. I do my first nervous week, wash my face, brush my hair and teeth, apply face cream (including sunscreen).

7:30 – I have breakfast. I have raisin toast with butter and some banana. I also drink water and have my medications (usually includes some pain medication).

8:00 – I put my boots on. I often need help. I also go to the bathroom again for another nervous wee. I then put my jacket on and make sure I have all I need in my pockets (money, lift pass, water bottle, tissues, phone).

8:20 – I go and wait for Charlie. I put my helmet on and pull down goggles, then my inner gloves and mittens. It’s important to do it on this order because I can’t do much when wearing mittens.

8:30 – Charlie arrives and I’m fitted in the sit ski. It’s important for me to be centred with the straps done up tightly. We choose the lunch venue and time.

We ride chairlifts and begin skiing. We always begin with a few bucketed laps to make sure I’m comfortable and get a feel for the snow conditions.We then progress to tethers and other things.

12:00 – We meet Mum and Dad for lunch. I always go to bathroom after removing my helmet, goggles, mittens and jacket. I only remove my jacket if I’m feeling warm. We order and eat. Usually for about an hour or so. Feeling warm and energetic, we head back out.

14:30-15:30 – We ski until I feel tired and/or cold. My lips turn blue when I’m cold. I get back into my wheelchair and say goodbye to Charlie.

16:00 – I get out of my ski gear as soon as I’m back in the room. Wet things go in the drying cupboard. I shower and either get into my pjs or other clothes if going out.

18:00 – We have dinner either in our room or at a restaurant. We spend the evening watching tv, playing games, hanging with friends, discussing the days events and making plans for the following day.

21:00 – I get ready for bed by brushing my teeth, applying face cream and doing a wee. I make sure everything is ready for the following day. I then go to bed.


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