5 reasons to become a Disabled Wintersport Australia member

I renew my DWA membership each year and wait eagerly for my membership card to arrive and to be back on snow.

These are the top five reasons why I’m an individual member and how it allows me to participate in adaptive winter sports.

Hire equipment

I can hire and try different equipment including a sit ski (the thing I sit in with ski/s attached) and outriggers (the things on my arms).

To work out what equipment is best suited to me I talk to instructors and guides. I also fill out details regarding my height, weight and level of disability.

I fill out the Guide and equipment request forms on DWA website in as much detail as possible to request equipment.


I can request Guides to support me on snow.

Guides are volunteers passionate about helping others enjoy the snow. They are trained through DWA and can be spotted wearing DWA branded jackets with Guide written on the back.

I fill out the Guide and equipment request forms on DWA website and include the dates when I’ll be on snow.


I can go on a DWA camp.

Camps take the hassle out of organising a snow holiday, is at a reduced cost and a great way to hangout on snow with like minded people.

It’s best to book a spot on a camp as soon as dates are released as spots are limited.

Discounted private lessons

I can get discounts on private lessons at Australian resorts.

Private lessons guarantee time on snow with you and your instructor. It also means tailored mentoring and feedback which helps me progress and smash goals.

There are trained adaptive snow sport instructors at all Australian resorts. Instructors are booked by contacting the ski resort.

I book private lessons as soon as I have worked out my dates. I prefer to request the same instructor where possible.

Discounted lift tickets

I can get discounts on lift tickets at Australian resorts.

Lift tickets are essential to be able to ride runs again and again.

This means more time on snow.

Kate Swain with DWA Guides Jane and Michael on a DWA camp at Thredbo learning from Thredbo instructor Matti PHOTO: Thomas Swain 

I enjoy being a member of DWA. I’m able to enjoy winter sports, meet other passionate and like minded people, be a volunteer and contribute content.


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