Developing my green thumb

I’ve recently taken a greater interest in gardening. It is fun and a good thing to do. I recently built a raised garden with help from Mum and Dad.

An old cart that we already had was used. It was reinforced and gaps filled with metal and wood.

We placed dirt, soil, potting mix and hay inside.

We researched and read about plants and seeds paying close attention to soil depth and space needed, and how it might survive a frost coming into winter.

All plants are from Bunnings, are edible and include cascading rosemary, thyme, carrots, onions, lettuce, broccoli and kale.

We dug holes, put the plants in carefully, surrounded with more soil and hay. We watered with a little bit of nutrients from Mums worm farm mixed with water. I also wrote tags and put next to each plant. Gardening gloves is a must.

It doesn’t require too much maintenance at this early stage other than watering every day. A hose is easy to use.

I look forward to picking produce and being able to eat it.


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