5 reasons to volunteer

I am an active volunteer. These are the top five reasons why I volunteer.

Fun first time experiences

I’ve been able to have fun first time experiences. When volunteering with Cystic Fibrosis ACT I went to the baseball for the first time. It was a lot of fun to sit behind the pitch, enjoy an American-style hotdog and cheer on the Canberra Cavalry while raising money and awareness. I’ve experienced Vivid Sydney and been the first to press the big red button to turn on the lights of city buildings and the Harbour Bridge as part of Skylark.

New friends

I have loved being a part of a team of passionate people. I’ve coordinated and engaged with an incredible team of DWA volunteers passionate about adaptive winter sports.

I’ve met other like-minded people and made good friends through volunteering. We’ve met again in other volunteering and social events.

Share stories

I love sharing stories and volunteering has allowed me to do so. I’ve shared stories with Snows Best on 10 things sit skiing taught me about life. I’ve also shared stories with DWA.

Skills sharing

I’ve been able to use my skills and build new skills. It’s important to be organised, have good communication skills, a willingness to learn and take directions, and an understanding of the responsibilities.

Everyone can volunteer

I love that everyone can volunteer and find opportunities that fit their abilities and availability. There really are opportunities for everyone and I encourage everyone to find enjoyable volunteer opportunities through community notice-boards, websites and social media. I have felt confident in volunteering because I am passionate about organisations and events, have the ability to hold a tin and collect donations and interact with all members of the public to give directions and answer questions.

Kate volunteering
Kate volunteering with DWA PHOTO Sue

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