The year that was 2021

This year will be remembered for COVID-19 with lockdowns and restrictions. I spent most of the year working in Canberra.

2021 was anti-social with COVID-19 restrictions. My parents visited at Easter, I went to a cousins wedding in Newcastle in May, a visit from my aunt and oldest brother to attend an exhibition and my Mum visited in July. If I didn’t go to work then I would seem very few neighbours, family and friends.

Watching the Sky Whale balloons take flight in Canberra PHOTO: Heather Swain

In August, Canberra was thrown into a snap seven day lockdown after 105 days without a positive COVID-19 case. It was just one positive case that caused a lockdown. I lost track of time as it kept getting extended and lasted around 10 weeks.

I cancelled my usual 2 week snow trip to Victoria as the borders were shut. I could accept that and booked to go to nsw for a week instead. That was also cancelled. I was then ok for my parents to visit and to throw a party for my birthday. That also couldn’t go ahead. I took one day of leave instead of two weeks. Sadly, no real holiday happened this year and no party. I instead took up more work opportunities and went into the office a lot during lockdown wearing the new mask fashion accessory. I would have struggled a lot more if I wasn’t working and wasn’t able to go into the office.

The biggest challenge wasn’t acquiring toilet paper or even getting food. It was trying to get my wheelchair supplier an exemption to enter the act. I called ACT govt many times. I was in tears to be told that his exemption wouldn’t be approved. I went into action mode in obtaining documents such as ridiculous GP letters saying why I need a wheelchair. We even made a plan b for me to go into NSW which was allowed and then return. Thankfully the exemption was approved late the night before and it was relief to have him come to the ACT to be able to get this done. I was measured and am waiting for my new wheelchair to arrive in the new year.

I had three COVID-19 vaccinations this year. I called myself a unicorn for having very mild symptoms of a slight headache. I am so thankful to not have any symptoms or tests.

It was nice to end the year by taking some time off work, going home and being with family and friends.

2021 has enforced a new way of living. I have learnt to take each day as it’s comes and to enjoy the little things. Setting goals and challenges helps to feel satisfied and happy.

Stay safe and have a Happy New Year with love and best wishes for 2022!


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