The year that was 2020

Happy New Year!

COVID-19 had a big impact on 2020. Despite this, 2020 was still a better year for me than 2019. Here are some highlights from 2020.

I ticked another country, Singapore, off my list. This was in February before restrictions became stricter. I took extra precautions including wearing a mask, using hand sanitiser and minimising what I touched. It was reassuring that it was clean and our temperate was checked when entering hotels and shopping malls. I left feeling inspired by the greenery and a willingness to return.

Kate under garden arch in Singapore PHOTO: Heather Swain

I was successful in gaining permanent employment early in the year. My persistence had payed off with a sense of relief and happiness. Covid restrictions enabled me to work from home (WFH) a few days a week. I have enjoyed having no commute as I continued to WFH one day a week. I’ve met many colleagues, embraced new roles and learnt a lot.

I took lessons in Dutch. It might seem like an odd choice. I based my decision on the description saying it’s similar to English. I don’t remember much of it but I had fun Zooming in to a weekly class.

In 2021 I would like to do more. I want to try new recipes and grow more plants. To say yes to more opportunities and to meet new people.

Happy New Year with love and best wishes for 2021!


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