Lifties in Myoko

I’ve had five different ski trips to Myoko, Japan. I’ve noticed a change in the way the Japanese lifties respond to a sit ski on their chairlift.

In my first season, the lifties hadn’t seen many sit skies. We would often be stopped and not allowed to ride the chairlift. One of the Myoko Snowsports Instructors did a bit of charades to inform the Japanese lifties that it was safe for a sit ski to ride on the chairlift and how it was able to be lifted and sit on the chair.

Last year too, Charlie was stopped and informed that a sit ski was unable to ride. He spoke with management to allow us to ride and use chairlifts. Sam also spoke in Japanese to lifties to allow us to ride their chairlifts.

This year (2020) the Lifties were happy when we returned to ride on their chairlift. They were accommodating in helping to lift, slowing down the speed of the chairlift. We even got stuck getting off but the quick rection of the lifts meant the the chair was stopped and assistance was given. It was a delight to see the huge smiles on their faces when we returned to their chairlift.

“Have fun!” – Liftie at Ikenotariar resort in 2020

It’s really encouraging to see. I look forward to many more chairlift rides in Japan.


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