What you need to know about wheelchair access in Singapore

Mum and I flew from Tokyo, Japan to Singapore for a few days. Tokyo was cold but Singapore is hot and humid. It didn’t rain while we were in Singapore.

Changi airport

Changi airport in Singapore is great. It’s easy to spend a lot of time here. There are multiple levels accessible via elevators. There are even some glass elevators.

There are also many shops and restaurants. You explore duty free shopping before your carry on bags are checked and before you go through security. This happens right before boarding.

Accessible bathrooms are huge.

There is a gigantic waterfall and many trees and plants.

I enjoyed watching this waterfall and the greenery from multiple levels


I have chosen to not mention where we stayed because it wasn’t very accessible. I found accessible accommodation similar to Australia in that accessible rooms have one large bed. We chose to stay near Orchard Road. It’s easy to get around and to shop when based in this location.


The MRT is accessible and cheap. There is a wider gate to get through at all stations. The subway and the platform are even but be careful of the gap between the subway and the platform. It can be tricky to find an elevator from the street level. We found that we had to walk a longer distance to be able to safely cross the road and access an elevator.

We walked and pushed my wheelchair. Maps helped. The footpaths are fairly even and flat.

We used wheelchair taxis. These should be booked in advanced.  Our hotel kindly booked wheelchair taxis for us. The price is set before travel begins.


We explored some shops and restaurants. Orchard Rd has many malls with expensive designer labels but there’s also some more affordable options. We also explored the IMM. It’s similar to a factory outlet. 

I loved the greenery in Singapore

I could have spent all day at theNational Museum of Singapore. It is accessible through an alternate entrance. A member of staff met us and led us the whole way. We paid for one ticket and gained entry for the two of us through staff discretion.  There are multiple levels accessible by elevator. There are accessible bathrooms too on the ground floor. I enjoyed learning more about the history of Singapore. There are some interactive activities too including learning how to tie knots on ships.

Gardens by the bay, Marina Bay Sands is beautiful. We went during the day. Wonder through Marina Bay Sands and to Gardens by the bay (we did it in reverse). We started off at the Supertree Grove, Supertree Observatory and OCBC Skyway. It was flat and smooth to push my wheelchair. Some of the barriers were a bit high and blocked my view. Tickets must be purchased for the OCBC Skyway. There is an elevator up and it’s smooth to push along to enjoy the views and then another elevator on the other end back down. We then made our way inside into the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest. I loved all the beautiful greenery. I also felt inspired to grow more back home. There are some uphill and downhill parts including a ramp that I required some assistance. There is also an elevator to access some parts that is reserved for those with mobility issues.

Enjoying the beautiful flowers and lush greenery PHOTO Heather

Visit Merlion Park to see the iconic statue in The Lion City. There are multiple directions to visit the statue. We had to walk up and over a bridge that was a little uphill at times. It is out in the open and can get very hot when viewing. There are nearby restaurants and cafes, and a small accessible bathroom.

Singapore Zoo is great to see both plants and animals. There are some downhill & uphill bits where I needed help. Some of the fences were a bit high too blocking my view. There are designated wheelchair spots for shows. There are accessible bathrooms.


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