2022 Beijing Winter Paralympics

I was disappointed of the coverage for the 2018 Winter Paralympics. I was also hopeful that channel Seven had improved. I wanted to watch on live TV similar to the Winter Olympics.

The viewing would be live but on 7Plus. I thought maybe it was a digital channel but it was the app. It was disappointing as the app requires data and the average viewer wouldn’t stumble across it when channel surfing. My Mum couldn’t watch Sam Tait who she knows because her tv wasn’t capable to host the app.

There was lack of advertising and it wasn’t prominent in the news. I made comments to friends who were unaware the games was even on due to the lack of advertising. I found it difficult to know what was on and at what times. I relied on Miss Snow It All and athletes social media to plan my watching schedule.

I enjoyed watching. I was shouting at my tv and scaring my cat. I cheered the young 22 year old Ben Tudhope on as he won Bronze in the nail biting Para-Snowboard Cross Final. I saw Josh Hanlon and Rae Anderson make their Winter Paralympic debut and I saw the final races of 4x Winter Paralympian Mel Perrine.

The Winter Paralympics is worth watching.

I call for more broadcasting and advertising in Australia of the Winter Paralympics .


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