4 reasons why I’m having my en-suite renovated

I’m going to have my bathroom renovated. It will be made more accessible. I have discussed the issues with tradespeople and picked out all that is needed to complete the renovations.

These are some of the problems in my en-suite.

There’s a ridge into the shower. I had the shower screen removed and by doing so a a metal strap was left behind. Cheap ramps were temporarily put in place to be able to access the shower independently. The floor will be redone. I’ve picked out some beautiful new floor tiles.

The shower will be easier to use when it has a mixer tap. A lot of water is wasted trying to get the right temperature. The tap also falls off.

Poor drainage. The water doesn’t drain quickly. It means the floor is constantly wet. It also means my cupboard will rot. A split drain will be installed to allow quick drainage. I have chosen a mirror cupboard above the sink and no storage under the sink.

Water from the tap hits the very back of the sink and water doesn’t flow properly into the sink. This means it’s hard to wash things and my hands in the sink.

I will be living somewhere else while the renovations are taking place. I look forward to seeing the finished room.

This isn’t funded through the NDIS. I am self-funding this renovation.


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