A film a day

I set myself a challenge to get out of my place and to see a movie a day. I am a Dendy Cinemas member and buy my tickets online.

On Monday I went and watched Toy Story 4 (rated G) in cinema 5. My ticket was $7.50. I also treated myself to a medium popcorn. I spent countless hours picking popcorn out of my teeth. Seats are allocated but there’s not much choice when in a wheelchair so I chose back row in the Centre. I was concerned that I’d forgotten what happened in the previous films but there was enough recap and it flows without needing to have seen the previous three. It was a bit scary and I was concerned as to what was going to happen. I also felt sad and happy as the story progressed. An overall good film for all ages. The ending wasn’t what I expected. I predict Disney Pixar will make a Toy Story 5.

On Tuesday I went and saw Pets 2 (rated PG) in cinema 2. My ticket was $1. I was the only one in the cinema. It was amusing to see a staff member walk in at the conclusion of the movie to clean. There was nothing to clean as I didn’t buy popcorn. I also giggled in the film. There are a few different storylines going on. An overall good film for all ages.

On Wednesday I watched Men in Black: International (rated M) in cinema 9. My ticket was $15.50. The cinema was shared with others, estimating around 15 in total. I also treated myself to a medium popcorn. I’d never seen a Men in Black film. It was action packed. I giggled especially when a Agent M wanted to get into the drivers side but got in the wrong side as she was in the UK not the USA. There were a few nods to feminism including a few strong female characters. An overall good film for those into action.

On Thursday I watched Yesterday (rated M) in cinema 2. My ticket was $15.50. I also had a medium popcorn. I share the cinema with others. The movie was disappointing. It was weird and slow. It wasn’t funny. It was also more focused on Ed Sherran than The Beatles. It’s something I may have watched on Netflix while doing other things.

I quite enjoyed watching a movie a day. I look forward to seeing more movies.


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