A new sit ski setup

I am working towards being as independent on snow as possible. It will take time, persistence, practice and many lessons.

I had been using the Mountain Man for a few seasons now. I have made progress and feel comfortable with being tethered.

I recently tried the bi-unique at Falls Creek with Instructor Charlie. I’m quite a light and small person so fit into the kids size. I immediately noticed it was much closer to the ground and balanced.

I didn’t like it at first. I felt frustrated not knowing how it worked. It was hard to get it to move. I might have been a bit too hard on myself.

I persisted with encouragement and instructions from Charlie. We mixed it up between being bucketed with outriggers and tethering. I was learning and making progress with each run. I was feeling happier too.

I didn’t want to stop so we squeezed in a few hours in the morning before heading home. I’m glad we did because the sky was blue, snow conditions were great and I did some great last turns. It helped to follow other skiers tracks, pick a target and ski to it.

I am on my way to being more independent on snow. I look forward to achieving more goals.

DWA member, Kate Swain

Published in the DWA newsletter, 16 October 2018, issue 32


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