I’m moving

I have a job and I’m moving to Canberra.

I’ve previously lived in Canberra. I rented a two bed, two bath and 2 car space apartment close to the CBD.

It’s easier moving knowing a bit more about Canberra.

This is my guide to finding a wheelchair accessible apartment to buy and live in.

I looked at properties online and called agents asking about wheelchair access. This eliminated a few options. I then travelled to Canberra to inspect properties before deciding on which property was best for me.

These are important questions that I had answered to help make my decision on which property suited me best.

  • Does it have a lift and/or ramp access?
  • Are the car spaces beside each other?
  • Does strata laws allow modifications and renovations?
  • Can the shower screen be removed?
  • Is there enough space in the bathroom to access all the amenities? Can I access the sink?
  • Can I move around the kitchen? Is there ample storage within reach?
  • What is the access like to the balcony? Does it need a ramp?
  • How far is it from work and shops? Is it mostly flat?
  • Where do I take garbage?
  • Is the neighbourhood noisy?
  • How will it look with my current furniture? What extra equipment or furniture do I need to buy?
  • How heavy are the doors? Can I make them lighter or remove the whole door?

I look forward to moving in and sharing what I get up too


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