A zero waste life guide

I read A zero waste life in thirty days by Anita Vandyke.

My intention wasn’t to follow the 30 days strictly but to learn and feel empowered to continue my own zero waste journey. To problem solve and embrace simple, everyday switches and be an everyday activist.

I’ve set myself a guide to refer too as I continue my journey. A reminder that small steps count and to think of the positives.


Do some research into the products and business. There might be cheaper alternatives or ones that are better for the environment. This includes discussions with family and friends.

Declutter & be a minimalist

Know what I already have and what I no longer need. Does it spark joy? If not and isn’t needed then repurpose, sell or donate.

Take my own bags when shopping

It’s good for the environment, reduces clutter and reduces waste because I’m using the same bags again and again. Bags can also be washed.

Buy what is needed or what replaces products.

Read the labels and buy organic, cruelty free, biodegradable and Australian made where possible. This includes buying what produce is in season and the larger packet to reduce the need of smaller plastics.

Quality over quantity

Things might initially seem expensive but might last longer or be of more use. Don’t be a part of fast fashion.

Find alternatives

Replace plastic straws with paper, plastic toothbrush with bamboo and disposable coffee cup with a reusable cup.

Say no

Say no to plastic bags, straws and unwanted freebies.

Follow recipes & shop with a list

Know what products I already have at home and don’t need to buy.

Grow it myself

Grow fruit and vegetables. It’s fun and satisfying.

Farm fresh eggs

Mum has chickens that lay fresh eggs. I bought a stamp and ink pad to date the eggs. This helps to know what eggs need to be used first.

Eat less meat

Think of all the new foods I can try.

Use containers and jars and re-usable water bottles

Use a water bottle to avoid buying when out and a mug for hot drinks. Containers and jars are great to store food and have it on the go. Don’t forget cutlery and a napkin/towel.

Digital is best

I try to read e-books instead of buying physical books.

I also watch tv, Netflix and Stan. If I want movies then I buy or hire online.

This also helps to reduce clutter.

Reduce mental clutter

Unsubscribe, unfollow or hide posts and ads. It helps resist needing new things.

Meditate and follow routines.

Be of service

Donate my time by volunteering or helping a friend.

Green prescription

Explore the great outdoors and remind myself why I need to lead a zero waste life.

There is only one earth.


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