Heli & Hotham

Kate & Charlie in the Forest Air Helicopters heli from Falls Creek to Hotham Resort

I wanted to return to Falls Creek but I also wanted to go to Hotham for the first time. I asked Falls Creek Instructor Charlie if he was interested, Forest Air Helicopters if it was possible and DWA if they could organise a wheelchair, sit ski and guide at Hotham.

We booked for Friday with the best bluebird weather predicted. We looked at the trail map and noticed the different set-up to Falls. We wanted to experience as much of the mountain as possible in the four hours that we had.

We met at the heli pad below Gully chairlift early Friday morning feeling excited. I was lifted into the heli and Charlie climbed into the back. We were introduced to our pilot Blake and put on headsets and seatbelts. We took off with ease and landed at the top of Falls to pick up two more passengers. Another smooth take off and we headed to Hotham. The views were spectacular as we enjoyed the quick twelve-minute journey.

We were met at Hotham by DWA Guides Phil and Steve. I was carried down many stairs, sat in a wheelchair as Charlie prepared the sit ski. Once in the sit ski we discussed the plan and headed down the mountain. We had fun bucketing and tethering around Hotham with DWA guide Steve before getting back in the heli and returning to Falls.

I really enjoyed the heli flight. Thank you to everyone who made it possible. I’d love to return to Hotham and ride in another heli!

Enjoying first time at Hotham Resort PHOTO: Charlie Evans

Heli & Hotham was originally posted on 29th August 2018 on the Disabled Wintersport Australia blog.


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