My first sports wheelchair

I now have my very own all-rounder sports wheelchair to be used casually for social games of wheelchair tennis and basketball.

It’s an Australian made Mogo and about half the price of my day chair. It is comfortable and easy to use because it was made to my measurements.

It differs from my day wheelchair.

Snug compact fit

It’s a tight fit. This helps the chair to move with my body.


The backrest is low. This is to prevent it getting in the way when catching a basketball or using a tennis racket.


The camber angle of the wheels is wider. This enables the chair to move and spin a lot quicker.

Tip wheels at the back prevent the chair from flipping backwards.

Front bar

A bar is in front of the footplate. This is needed when playing wheelchair basketball to protect my feet. It can be taken off for wheelchair tennis.

No breaks

There are no breaks. It’s recommended to put against a wall or have someone else hold it still while transferring in and out of the chair.


There are three belts/straps. One for the feet to hold them in place, one is over the thighs and the other is across the stomach. If my chair flips then I’ll flip with it!

I look forward to playing wheelchair basketball and tennis


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