What you need to know about wheelchair access at a Maid Cafe in Japan

I had lunch at a Maidreamin in Akihabara, Tokyo.

Getting there

Ueno-Okachimachi Station is wheelchair accessible (barrier free) with elevators and ramps. Station staff won’t assist because the subway is level with the platform and a slight jump is required to not get the front wheels of a wheelchair stuck.

It’s a short 15 minute slightly downhill push to Akihabara.

The dining experience 

From our understanding, you have to spend at least 500JPY within the first hour. There are package deals available including a photo and merchandise. There are more budget friendly options to just eat and drink.

Maids can be seen on the corners as you cross the streets. We found one, saw a menu, asked about wheelchair access. She led us a short walk down an ally and up an elevator to a room with tables. The elevator was small but could comfortably fit myself and 4 adults with space for more people. You have to open the door. It’s a bit narrow at the counter but I fit fine. It wasn’t crowded and we were able to easily access our table.

The food was delicious. I ordered a chicken curry with dessert and Michael ordered a beef curry.


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