Guide to staying in a wheelchair at Universal Studios Los Angeles

I had fun on my first visit to Universal Studios in February 2018. This is my guide to what’s possible while staying in a wheelchair. I use a manual wheelchair and was travelling with my Mum.

Getting to Universal Studios 

The shuttle bus to and from Sheraton Universal and Universal is wheelchair accessible. A lift is lowered, I stayed in my wheelchair, and then my wheelchair was anchored to the floor. It’s a short trip.

Buying tickets & entering Universal Studios

I purchased tickets through Sheraton Universal Concierge. This saved us around $15 and allowed us an hour early entry at 9am.

Universal Studios is expensive. There are no discounted tickets for those with disabilities and it doesn’t offer value for money if you need to stay in your wheelchair and cant’t transfer or walk.

Getting around 

I used my own wheelchair. Overall I found it relatively flat with pleasant terrain to push on.


There are plenty of wheelchair accessible bathrooms in the park in both the men’s and ladies restroom (bathroom). In the ladies bathroom, go right to the very end where there will be some larger cubicles.

The bins are small for sanitary items so I recommend carrying a plastic bag if you have larger disposable items that you can then dispose of in a larger bin in the park.

There is no basin or change table in the cubicle. Some do have hooks to hang items such as bags and clothing. I could access the basins once I left the cubicle to wash my hands. Some had more space than others between the cubicle and the basin.


There are shops and stalls throughout on ground level. I received a first visit button badge. I was able to buy other souvenirs including caps.


I made the most of the accessible attractions where I could stay in my own wheelchair. Most of the accessible attractions are shows. Plan your day by checking the map.

Studio Tour was interesting and fun. We did this first at 10am and waited for a wheelchair accessible tram where I wheeled up a ramp and onto the tram and my wheelchair was anchored at four points. There was a tour guide on board too. A few of the attractions I wore 3D glasses, the tram shook and we got covered in water. My wheelchair didn’t move and I felt scared but safe.

Special Effects Show was inside with freezing air conditioning. There was accessible seating and we arrived early to get a good view of the main stage and the television screens. It was interesting to learn about special effects including stunt double demonstrations.

Animal Actors was a 20 minute show starring animals and their trainers. There was accessible front row seating with a good view of the main stage. There were guinea pigs, a chicken, owl, cats, dogs, other various birds, rats.

The Walking DeadAttraction was my favourite as a fan. It was scary but a lot of fun. It’s dark and loud. The path is smooth and I could push my way through.


Water World was a show with wheelchair accessible seating. We took the advice to not sit in the green soaker seat section and lucky we didn’t otherwise we would have been soaked!

Mum and I gave feedback to Universal Studio suggesting cheaper tickets for those unable to transfer from their wheelchairs and their carers because of the limited accessible attractions. Our feedback was noted, one of our tickets was refunded and we received complimentary Universal Express passes to enjoy Water World.


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