Christmas gift guide

This is my gift guide to help you buy meaningful gifts for hard to buy for friends and family.


There are great charities to support. Give a donation to Starlight Australia, buy merchandise from Disabled Wintersport Australia (DWA), or donate a goat through Oxfam.


Make something yourself and personalise the wrapping. I love wrapping my gifts in brown paper that I’ve decorated with stamps and stencil drawings. Pinterest and Google have inspiration and instructions.


Bake treats and put in jars or paper bags. Use cute Christmas themed muffin cases or cookie cutters shaped like snowflakes or reindeer antlers. There are many free recipes available online that can be made with ingredients you may already have at home. My favourites at Christmas time include gingerbread men, any kind of cupcake.


Attend local markets or look online for handmade gifts. It’s great to support local small businesses.

Bake, decorate and give!


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