Return and Earn accessibility

I have challenged the access to the Return and Earn reverse vending machines after watching a video posted on the Return and Earn Facebook page.

“What is the height to reach and view the screen? I’m in a wheelchair and I’m concerned that I won’t be able to reach and won’t be able to do this independently.” I asked on a Facebook post on the Return and Earn Facebook page demonstrating how to participate.

I received a reply:

Hi Kate, the height of the Return and Earn reverse vending machine chute is 1470 mm which is within reach of an adult seated in a standard wheelchair. So there should be no problem depositing your containers and choosing your preferred refund option by following the instructions on the interactive screen. Alternatively if you experience any difficulties with the RVM kiosk, you can take your containers to your nearest over the counter collection points or automated depot. Locations will be added to the Return and Earn website when they are finalised:

I will test the RVM to confirm if I will be able to reach.

Return and Earn involves going to a Reverse Vending Machine, depositing your container into a slot and then selecting on a screen where you would like the refund to go.


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