Five things Sydneysiders take for granted 

I’ve made the difficult decision to leave Sydney for now and move back in with my parents in Tamworth, NSW. These are the top five things I’ll miss about Sydney.


When unwell you can go see a doctor without booking so far in advanced or having to call right on opening. You can even see the same GP and avoid any awkward introductions.

The choice and variety

There always something going on with plenty of choice in where to shop, what to buy, where to eat and what to eat.

Food delivery

Food deliveryis possible from so many cafes and restaurants in a timely manner. Groceries can be delivered too. There is no need to leave home when it’s raining, you’re feeling unwell or feeling tired.

Public transport 

If you do decide to go out then there is the option to catch public transport. It might not be the best service but it’s available and an option without having to worry about petrol, car maintenance or finding a place to park.


There are great events with something fun to do. I’ve seen the spectacular fireworks to bring in the new year, the bright lights of Vivid and sculptures by the sea in Bondi.

I look forward to visiting Sydney again soon.


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