A new aisle chair for Tamworth airport

An aisle chair is a slim chair that fits between the aisles of an aircraft. It makes it possible for passengers with mobility restrictions to board and disembark an aircraft. require the use of an aisle chair to both board and disembark the aircraft.

I’ve travelled quite a few times to and from Tamworth airport. The aisle chair in Tamworth seems quite old with faded colours and the front wheels barely turn. It is unsafe to use. Aisle chairs in Sydney airport are in much better condition.

I recently complained to Tamworth city council and to Qantaslink.

I received a phone call with great news. The process of buying a new aisle chair is taking place.

Hopefully this makes it safer and easier to board and disembark the aircraft. I look forward to testing it out when I’m next in Tamworth.


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