My renovated en-suite

I had my en-suite renovated to make it more accessible.

This is how I’ve made it more accessible.

The switches are within reach. I have five switches in the one place to control all the lights and the fan. This includes the LED cabinet lights

There’s a roll under basin. I can roll in and under the basin to wash my hands and brush my teeth. It was set at standard height making it accessible to able bodied people as well.

There is a roll in shower. I can roll right into the shower. The shower has a diverter for ease of use of both the overhead and handheld shower head. The mixer tap it easy to use and means I use less water to get the right temperature. I am still getting used to it being so open and not spraying water everywhere. The strip drain allows water to drain quickly.

There are two inset shelves at different heights. The shelves are long enough to hold all I need in the shower including face wash, shampoo & conditioner. The bottom shelf is at a height best for me to use.

My bathroom meets my needs.


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