Accessible bins

What’s wrong with this picture?

The bin has a foot pedal. It is not accessible to all.

I recently booked a wheelchair accessible room at Quest North Ryde. I was pleased by the accessibility except for the bins. Both bins in the kitchen and bathroom have a foot pedal to open. This isn’t accessible to all.

My temporary solution was to put something heavy like a hair dryer on the foot pedal so that it stays opening. My other solution was to hang a garbage bag on a towel hook.

I then went shopping at the nearby Macquarie Centre. The disability bathroom also had a garbage bin with food opening. This bin also had a small opening. I had to open using my hands (gross) and stuff my rubbish in.

I have given this feedback to both Quest and The Macquarie Centre.

Quest North Ryde promptly replied, “thank you for your suggestion, it is highly appreciated.

At this stage I’ve passed on your suggestion to our management team, who will definitely look thoroughly into it, as we would like all our rooms to be highly comfortable and suitable for all.”

I would like to see sensor opening bins or bins with no lids as pictured below from Rhodes Waterside.


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