Easter treats

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Easter. A long weekend with family, hot cross buns and plenty of chocolate eggs.

I’m not a massive fan of hot cross buns but I’d always wanted to have a go at making them from scratch. I fulfilled my goal this Easter! I made hot cross buns with help from Mum. I can access most cupboards and benches in her kitchen but the oven is too high and out of reach. We followed a Donna Hay recipe. We didn’t have sultanas but choc chips were a delicious substitute. It’s quite a process waiting for the dough to rise over about an hour and a half and then watching it bake for about thirty minutes more. Ours turned out a little doughy but a good first attempt. The hot cross buns can be eaten hot out of the oven unlike most cakes and cupcakes where it’s best to wait until they are cooled. I would like to make hot cross buns again.

We also made a hot cross bun loaf. It was delicious with a bit of butter.

We also adapted a Women’s Weekly rocky road slice from a book (Yes, a book! Not the internet.) that was Grandmas to include mini chocolate eggs. The base didn’t stick to the rocky road top very well but it was still delicious!

Don’t eat all the chocolates at once and remember to recycle the foil wrappers once the chocolate has been eaten.


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