Wheelchair sports Come & Try day in Tamworth

I attended a Come & Try Day run by Wheelchair Sports NSW held at The Dome. I was invited by my wheelchair-tennis playing friend, Fiona Sing.

I was worried there would be a lack of numbers so I brought my bro Sam along.

It was good to see many members of the community in attendance and of varying abilities. Basketball was being played, others were cycling around the courts and playing wheelchair tennis.

I enjoyed playing some wheelchair tennis with my bro Sam, friend Fiona and others. I even convinced the guys from Prime7 to try wheelchair tennis.

Guys from Prime7 trying out wheelchair tennis

Come and try days are a great way to try Adaptive Sports!

I was also interviewed by The Northern Daily Leader on Wheelchair sports come and try day in Tamworth and by James Manton from Prime7 on wheelchair sports.


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