Wheelchair access challenges and changes at Westin Resort & Spa Whistler

I chose to stay at Westin in Whistler because research advertised it as wheelchair accessible and in a good location.

Mum and I checked into Westin. It was quite a shock to unlock the room and see many challenges to wheelchair access.

I wrote an email to reservations detailing the issues and inviting a meeting and walk through the room.

While I was out skiing, Mum discussed the challenges in a walk through with management and discussed changes to make our stay more comfortable. We were also given delicious complimentary breakfasts.

The challenges and changes 

The bathroom was located just to the left of the hallway after entering the room.

Problem: a bathtub with a hand held shower but no seat or bench. Solution: a bench was put over the bath.

Problem: the sink was set too far back on the bench to spit toothpaste after brushing my teeth. Solution: Spit as far as possible or spit into a cup.

Problem: the mirror was high about the sink. Solution: a full length mirror was placed on the back of the bathroom door. This mirror had a sticker at the height of my head but it was easily removed.

The bedroom was located to the right. It was spacious for me to enter, get into bed on the right side and access my suitcase.

Problem: The bed was high. Solution: the base of the bed was removed.

Problem: Hanging was out of reach. Solution: Lower hanging can be brought into the room. I had Mum to help with hanging my clothes.

The living space is located at the end of the hallway.

Problem: Fridge was high and out of reach. Solution: another fridge could have been brought in. Once again, I had Mums help.

Problem: Microwave was high and out of reach. Solution: put the microwave on the bench. Once again, I had Mums help.

Problem: a large step onto the balcony. Solution: there needs to be a ramp or alternative access. I wasn’t able to get onto the balcony.

This feedback was given directly to Westin Resport & Spa, Whistler. Management advised it does meet Canadian standards and only one other guest (the mayor of Vancouver) had complained. Management is looking at remodelling and implementing changes. 


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