Packing for an overseas winter adventure

My holiday has been planned and the packing now begins.

How much can I pack?

I’ve checked my baggage limits. It allows two bags but it’s more difficult with two given my travel buddy will need to help me with mine so I use a large suitcase on four wheels.

I place a smaller foldable overnight bag in my suitcase just in case I buy things when away. This will save the need to pay extra for baggage on the return journey.

When should I start packing?

I pack early. A few weeks before my trip. I find it less stressful. This also ensures if I have everything I need or have to buy things.

Where to begin?

I pack medical equipment first. The essentials. Mine takes up roughly a third of my suitcase. I can’t forget anything because it’s hard to buy in other countries.

I then pack my boots, ski jacket and pants. Inside my boots are my goggles and mittens. I don’t mind these being at the bottom as I’ll be using them towards the end of my trip.

Space is filling up quickly!

Do I need all this?

I don’t want to come back with things I never used or wore. I may take some things as backup but others I may be able to buy when traveling.

Toiletries are packed next. I don’t mind using hotel shampoo, conditioner and body wash or I should be able to buy this at my destination. I do make sure I have my own toothbrush and toothpaste, hair brush, deodorant, moisturizer and some makeup.

I sort my clothes and pack into cells. This helps to keep my clothes grouped together, compact and tidy. It always helps to separate clean and dirty clothes.

It looks impossible to shut my suitcase. Yet I have packed many times before. I unzip the expander and my suitcase shuts!

What if my suitcase is delayed or lost in transit?

I do worry about my suitcase becoming lost even though it’s never happened to me before. To ease the worry I also have a backpack to take in the cabin of the plane and to use on day trips.

In the bottom of my backpack I have spare clothes. This also includes a jacket to put on in the plane or once landed in the much colder climate.

I also pack a diary with pens, my camera, medications and most importantly my passport, wallet and phone. I also take a water bottle.

What about my wheelchair?

I have been lucky to have no bad experiences with my wheelchair being lost or damaged. I make sure it’s tagged. I also take off my side guards and cushion and take into the plane with me to prevent getting lost.

I’m really excited to be escaping the heat for a much colder snowy climate!


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