Do more of what makes you happy

There are plenty of things in life that we have to do that we may not want to. There’s also plenty we can do that brings us joy. It doesn’t have to be expensive as some of the best things are free.

These are some of my hobbies that I would like to do a lot more often.


I enjoy baking including jam drop biscuits and raspberry red velvet cupcakes. I can’t eat it all myself so I would like to also do more sharing of my baked goods with family and friends.

Snowflake gingerbread biscuits PHOTO: Kate Swain


I enjoy capturing my stories in photos. The best camera is the one available whether that be my iPhone or my digital camera. I would like to tell more stories with my photos and share on social media.


I love traveling to new and familiar places. It’s not just the final destination but the journey can be interesting too in a car, plane, train or even a boat. I would like to go on more adventures.

Kate Swain and a Japanese drummer PHOTO: Michael Swain


I enjoy playing sport even if I may not be a pro. Sit-skiing,wheelchair basketball and wheelchair tennis are my favourites to play. I would love to be able to play a lot more sport.

Kate Swain PHOTO: Thomas Swain

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