Riding in a helicopter  

My parents gifted me with a 20 minute scenic helicopter ride at Falls Creek with Forest Air Helicopters for my birthday.

I went in a helicopter when I was five but I was unconscious and don’t remember any of it. Mum came too and doesn’t remember much of it either. Mum and Dad had previously been in helicopters at other times over the farm when spraying and to take photographs to sell the property.

We eagerly waited for the helicopter to arrive. I was feeling a little anxious but also looking forward to the experience.

The helicopter landed at the helipad just below the Falls Creek Country Club. We held tightly onto our belongings as it landed.

We went over to the helicopter and I was lifted into the front seat by my Dad. I had the best view with front and side windows. I was strapped in as Mum and Dad got in the back to join other passengers. We all put headsets on to be able to hear and speak.

It wasn’t long before we were up in the air looking down and across the beautiful snow covered mountains. We flew around to see skiers and snowboarders on the slopes below. It was a great birds-eye perspective.

We flew back around and landed back with ease.

It was a great experience!!

Kate Swain riding front seat of the helicopter

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