5 things to know about my wheelchair 

Buying the right wheelchair is similar to buying a car. You go to different dealers, test drive different models and hear about included extras. It helps to have guidance from an expert Occupational Therapist or Physio. There has been problems with my wheelchairs in the past but I am happy with my current manual wheelchair.

It is a progeo. My wheelchair is the Italian made Progeo. I called my wheelchair Leonardo partly after the artist and also because I got my wheelchair on the day I saw Leonardo De Caprio in The Great Gatsby.

Rigid Frame. This means my wheelchair doesn’t fold. The backrest can be folded down and the two wheels removed. I like rigid because it’s lighter than folding frames.

Carbon Fibre Frame. My frame is carbon fibre. It’s fragile and very light weighing roughly 10kg. I can lift it myself. I do get nerv
ous when others pick it up.

Price of a small car. My wheelchair cost me about $15,000. It’s customized to suit my needs. I have since had to spend more money to replace my backrest, wheels and cushion.

My tyres need air. I’m nervous whenever I can see glass or other sharp objects I have to pump my tyres every few weeks. I have an air pump at my place but often opt to visit my local bike store. I have had a flat tyre before and frustratingly needed a replacement.

PHOTO: Kate Swain

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