Meet Fiona Sing

I met Fiona Sing at a wheelchair tennis day run by Wheelchair Sports NSW at Royal Rehab in Sydney in late 2016. Fiona had travelled all the way from my hometown of Tamworth to play with other like-minded people. I recently caught up with Fiona to talk about her passion for wheelchair tennis and to encourage others to play sport.

Fiona started playing wheelchair tennis after an injury in April 2015 left her a paraplegic and with depression. Wheelchair tennis saved her life.

Fiona trains professionally with a coach on court and in the gym with a personal trainer. She works hard sticking to her training schedule and diet with the goal to become the first indigenous women’s wheelchair tennis player and represent Australia in the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games.

It doesn’t come without it challenges. Wheelchair tennis is male dominated but women too can be empowered by sport and achieve greatness with hard work. It’s also challenging living in Tamworth and having to travel for tournaments, camps and training sessions.

Fiona travels with her lucky item, a superman plush, given to her by her daughter Vienna.

Superman plush PHOTO: Fiona Sing

Off the court Fiona enjoys photography and spending time with her daughter Vienna and cat Serengeti.

I wish Fiona luck in smashing her goals!


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