Christmas In Australia

Christmas is my favourite time of the year! We see pictures of snow and hear carols about snow falling but the reality is that it’s hot in most parts of Australia at Christmas time.

I experienced a white Christmas in 2014 with my friend Cara in Japan. Christmas is not largely celebrated in Japan with the main treat being KFC for dinner. Cara and I woke up in snowy Myoko and watched the snow continue to fall. I claim to have heard Santa on the roof at night but it was probably just someone clearing the snow off. We caught a train to Tokyo and could see a normal busy day in Tokyo with kids in school uniforms on their way home and shops open their usual hours. We played Christmas carols in our hotel room, video called our family members back home and spent the evening enjoying the Christmas lights we found and some shopping, all whilst wearing Christmas hats.

Cara & Kate in Myoko PHOTO: Kate Swain

Back in Australia we usually have a large Christmas celebration with mums side of the family. It felt like torture as a kid having to leave our toys behind and travel to celebrate at my Aunt and Uncles place. It’s now a bonus to have a home ground Christmas at Mum and Dads place.


We eat cold foods at Christmas preparing meats and salads in advanced.  We have buffet style with cold meats including turkey, ham and chicken, and plenty of salads. The meal continues with cold desserts and treats. It’s over catered with plenty of leftovers in the following days.

Each year we run an edible table decoration which ends up being snacked on throughout the day. It’s very competitive with many arguments on the rules including how much needs to be made from scratch. My cousin Tim and his wife Kim are usually the sole judges. Last year we introduced a voting Sydney and Mum received no votes because she didn’t even vote for herself. Over the years entries have included gingerbread houses, cupcakes decorated to look like reindeers, and edible snow-globe scenes. We have a home ground advantage this year. I have ideas for my creation but can’t reveal any spoilers just in case the competition reads this. (Hint: Donna Hay).


Cold drinks including water, soft-drinks and juice are available for all. Alcoholic drinks are available to the adults. You can tell when the ladies have had too much alcohol when the giggling starts.

Family Activities 

It’s great to spend time catching up with family over the table and have some fun playing games.  We often start a new puzzle or play a game like Bocha, Cranium or Pictionary. Last year we played Family Feud. When Christmas is at Mum and Dads place we can also swim in their indoor pool or have a game on the pool table. Don’t step too far back when playing pool or you might end up in the swimming pool!

Family members often sneak off for an afternoon nap before we fill our tummies again.

I dream of experiencing a white Christmas again. 


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